What is E-coating?

As an industrial metals supplier, you must be constantly checking production quality, productivity, and product aesthetics. Naturally, if you want to get more clients you must produce metal products that are high quality and are in great condition. The exterior of your metal products must also be considered as it can affect its quality and condition.

painted equipment and metal parts
Is wet paint a good choice for metal products? Here are some of the reasons why paint can be beneficial and useful:
  1. Paint is available in different colors and types.
  2. Paint can be mixed and formulated for any color specification needed for the project.
  3. Paint protects the metal against harsh elements like too much heat or moisture caused by humidity and rain.
  4. Wet paint finishes are smoother than powder coatings. Some powder coat finishes have an orange-peel effect that you don’t want.
  5. Bright metallic paint looks better than any other finishes available.
  6. Paint can help prevent corrosion since paint can be applied in two coat formulations that contain 50% and 70% PVDF Kynar.

Why Is It Important to Apply Finishes on Metal Equipment, Parts, and Products?

1. Prevents rust and corrosion

When your metal parts and products are coated with paint and other finishes, it will be protected against corrosion and rust. Rust and corrosion can cause production downtime and other additional maintenance and repair costs.

2. Aesthetics

The physical aspect of equipment also matters. Having metal products that look shiny and new boosts the confidence of your clients in your production capabilities and the product’s quality. Making sure you choose the right color scheme for your company will also be especially attractive to new or potential clients.

3. Thermal protection

Increased temperatures of the environment can affect the performance of equipment. Using finishes and coatings can make the metal heat-resistant and insulated as well.

4. Resistance to natural elements

Special coatings and finishes can improve a metal’s resistance to weather and it can also protect against moisture damage, acid rain, salt air corrosion, and tarnishing. There are finishes that come with added UV blockers which help prevent paint cracking, peeling, and fading.

5. Extends the equipment life

Machinery that is maintained properly and protected with finishes like wet paint will last longer and positively affect the production process. It can prevent breakdowns and equipment failure.

Coatings and painting techniques on metal parts can help extend the life cycle of equipment and it can also maximize your return on investment. There will be less maintenance costs, and in the end, it can improve your savings and have high returns for your business.

What’s more, painted equipment and metal parts have higher resale value. It allows the machinery to look fresh and clean and will sell faster and at a higher value than equipment that is not well maintained.

Why Use Wet Paint on Metal Parts

Why Choose SEI Castings for Your Metal Finishing Needs?

– We can custom design products according to your specific requirements.

– We prioritize our client’s needs. We always aim for customer satisfaction in every project we take care of.

– We offer quality manufacturing. Our design and engineering team are talented and we will do our best to provide the best products.

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Are you searching for a supplier of various finishes for your metal parts? Please let us know how we can be of service to you. If you have specific requests and customization needs for your product, or if you have any queries, questions, or requests for our service quotes, please do not hesitate to contact at sales@seimw.com.