On its own, metal alloy possesses strength. However, it can be prone to weaknesses such as rust and brittleness. The hardness of metal also determines how brittle it can be. The metal finishing process can produce a more robust metal than before. Iron, for example, becomes steel when blended with other metals. Its composition can tell how much it might rust.

Quality surface finish can make or break a project. As metal finishing alters the surface of the metal, it can improve its resistance to corrosion, rust, and wear. Air pollutants, chemicals, and ordinary wear can cause these.

If done right, a product’s finish can increase its lifespan. Optimal surface bonds are done through various processes of deposition, application, or treatment of a coating onto a product. It can also enhance its appearance, function, and performance. Knowing about metal finishing can help you determine the type of metal you need for your projects. Learn more about it here.

What is the importance of metal finishing?

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Minimize Wear and Tear

Metal finishing helps to reduce metallic products’ wear and tear. In addition, the metal will have added strength. They will have a smoother and slicker surface. It will be resistant to friction and torque. This added feature is critical for products that are used in machines and engines. These parts are under constant stress and will be able to perform more efficiently with the finish.

Surface Quality and Precision

The metal finish eliminates abrasion and makes the products resistant to regular wear and tear. A good metal finish ensures that tools, especially surface and precision angle plates, maintain their accuracy and durability. It helps them to stay in their best shape for many years they will be in use.

Reduce Corrosion

Eliminating abrasions at the microscopic level reduces the forces of wear and tear on the metallic surface. In other words, when friction is decreased, the development of abrasion is also likely minimized. Because of this, these tools become more durable and last longer than they usually would. Metal finishing is one of the best cost-effective solutions for your projects’ needs.

Enhanced Aesthetics

One of the most crucial and obvious advantages of metal finishing is improving the tool or product’s overall appearance. Various techniques are used to complete and polish depending on the type of metal being finished and its application.

Whatever process is undertaken, it should include the removal of any sharp edges, cleaning the surface, and making it smooth. Sometimes, smoothing or the opposite is done to provide a different texture required for its application. There are also decorative options such as glass beading, metal polishing, metal plating, and color application.

Optimize Resistance

Compared to an unfinished metal, the lifespan of a finished product becomes longer. Metal finishing promotes longevity by increasing the resistance to wear and corrosion. It allows the part, tool, or product to stand the test of time. This is a significant element in metal disintegration.

A finished metal becomes almost flawless. It is resistant to abrasion, chemical damage, and other deteriorating factors. The metal finish coating system offers a low coefficient of friction. It delivers excellent abrasion resistance and durability against corrosion, tarnishes, and chemical wear. The finished product will last for several years.

Quick Cleaning

An unfinished metal is rough. Polishing the metal is part of the finishing process. These processes take abrasions on the metal surfaces out of the equation. The removal of scrapes is done at high levels of precision. Doing this reduces adhesion and contamination of debris. Hence, the adhesion of debris, which can be visible to the naked eye, is considerably reduced.

Cleaning becomes more accessible due to the exceptionally smooth surface. It decreases the amount of time required to clean it. Also, the need for harmful chemicals to achieve a clean surface is eliminated. As a result, the wear rate is also decreased with minimal to no chemicals.

Stimulate Electrical Conductivity

Metals machined, polished, and finished adequately increase their capability to conduct electricity. As repeatedly mentioned, a finished metal loses its roughness. It was once an ore, then an alloy, which becomes a metal that has been formed to its fullest potential.

This benefit is crucial for cables and wires that people need for electrical wiring in their homes, offices, and communities. Finished and processed metals have the highest conductivity than they would if they stayed in their original forms.

Promote Adhesion

Removing abrasions and finishing to a smooth surface, finished metals are perfected to have smoother and brighter surfaces. Adhesives quickly work on finished metals as compared to unfinished metals. These lessen the adhesion of debris but increase adhesion to other required parts. Smooth surfaces can be primed and ready for other tools to stick to them when necessary. They can also be painted, cleaned, and polished.

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More Efficient Function

Out of all the reasons why you should finish metals, the best would have to do with their performance. When your metal part is finished, you can ensure it will function effectively, whether for increased adhesion or electric conductivity.

Metal finishing is valuable, not at the surface or for its appearance. It also plays an essential role in improving your part’s function and performance. Aesthetic outcomes and being easier to clean may sound like a bonus, but in reality, all these add to the functionality and durability of the metal.

What metal finishes are available?

SEI Castings provides various options for your project’s needed finish. We can do chemical film, e-coating, plating, powder-coated casting, wet paint, anodized finish, and others. We also supply products assembled or in components according to your customers’ needs.
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