Aluminum die-cast products are usually coated with different types of finishes depending on the applications it will be used. Different types of aluminum finishes are used on aluminum products to improve its appearance, increase its resistance to wear, improve its corrosion resistance, increase its thermal and electrical insulation and as well as the reflectivity of the final product.

What Are The Different Types Of Finishes That Can Enhance Aluminum Die Cast Products?

Here at SEI Castings, we offer different types of finishes for our aluminum die-cast products, each has different properties and can be used for different applications. In this article, we will share and discuss the answer to the question “what are the different types of finishes that can enhance aluminum die-cast products?” If you want to know more information, make sure to continue reading below.

What are the different types of finishes for aluminum die-cast products?

1. Anodized Finish – Anodizing is the process used to improve the corrosion resistance of the metal product. An anodized finish can be done but because of its silicon content, the resulting finish may look poor as most colors used during the process may turn blackish and blotched.

An anodic oxide layer will form on the surface of the aluminum. One important thing to remember, anodized aluminum will accept vibrant colors and you can anodize any kind of aluminum alloy. It is not usually recommended for aluminum products that will be used for applications that have appearance requirements.

2. Chemical Film – Aluminum parts are advised to be conversion coated to improve its resistance from corrosion and to prepare the product’s surface before the application of powder coating, primer, and paint. One of the most common types of conversion coating is Chemical Film. It prevents corrosion and serves as a decorative finish and it helps increase the electrical and thermal conductivity of the aluminum product.

3. E-coating – This type of finish is also known as the Electrophoretic Painting Process, it is a process that can be described as a combination of the two processes, powder coating, and electroplating. It results in a durable and sturdy finish with enhanced adhesion. E-coating is usually black but other colors are also available. However, please be advised that it is quite expensive to change colors and it is only allowed if the orders contain more than 100,000 pieces.

4. Electroplating – Electroplating is a type of finish that uses electrical current to reduce the dissolved metal cations and results to form a durable metal coating on an electrode. It is a process for the oxidation of anions that forms a solid substrate. This type of finish is used to alter the surface properties of aluminum products. It can affect the different properties of an aluminum product such as electrical conductivity, wear resistance, corrosion prevention, and as well as its aesthetic properties.

5. Powder Coated Castings – Powder coating is one of the most cost-effective ways of increasing the durability, sturdiness, and corrosion resistance of the aluminum product. Here at SEI Castings, we can produce high volume orders of powder-coated products according to our clients’ order specifications. Powder Coating can improve the appearance of the product and increase the durability of the product, which makes it long-lasting than its counterparts.

Powder coat finishes are preferred for aluminum products with different sizes and thicknesses. It bonds to the edges better and the appearance of the finish looks amazing. For some applications, powder coating is preferred for a long-lasting finish and it is considered more durable than using paint finishes.

6. Paint – Liquid paint comes in different colors and provides uniform thickness on the aluminum product. Liquid coatings such as paint contain VOCs or volatile organic compounds. The VOCs are removed during the baking process and when they are gone, a film will be produced which coats the product.

Paint can also be applied by spraying. It is one of the most popular methods used in the industry. A primer is used to prepare the product before painting it. Priming a product helps improves its adhesion properties so the paint can adhere better to its surface.

It also improves the durability of the paint and increases the protection of the material being painted. Enamel paint is the most common paint used in this process. Enamel dries to a glossy and hard finish. Enamel can be mixed with urethane or varnish and it improves its shine and it quickens the hardening process.


Choosing an appropriate finish for your aluminum products is important. If you are not sure which type of finish is best for your products’ application, you can ask us for advice. SEI Castings is a leading custom aluminum die caster in the industry.

We can produce aluminum die-cast products with different finishes. We can produce small or large quantities and we can customize orders according to your order specifications. We can also help you lower the manufacturing cost of your aluminum products.

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