What is Electroplating?

Electroplating is the process of using an electrical charge to attach a thin metal layer or coating to metal parts such as aluminum and zinc. A lot of businesses and industries have been using the electroplating process because it has been highly effective in increasing the durability of a metal part and it can also improve the appearance aspect of the metal product.

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The electroplating process uses a thin metal to coat a conductor by using electricity through the reduction reaction. Electroplating is also known as “plating” or electrodeposition. When electricity is applied to the conductor, the metal ions in the solution will form a thin layer that coats it in the process.

The electroplating process is important to the industries that produce electrical and electronic appliances because it is able to provide a coating on the conductor’s surface and these are used for the appliances. The process offers a lot of benefits such as corrosion prevention, therefore, improving the conduction properties of the appliances and improves the solderability of different metal products.

What are the Different Types of Electroplating?

What Are the Benefits and Uses of an Electroplating Finish

1. Mass plating

This is the most common type of electroplating that can be used to coat a large number of components within a short period of time. This process has the most number of uses.

However, it can cause the different components to be in contact with one another, which can affect its visual appeal, so if you are after this type of plating finish primarily for decorative purposes so this type of electroplating is not the right choice. Some examples of mass plated metal parts include: screws, nuts, washers, bolts, and electrical connectors

2. Rack plating

This is a type of electroplating is used to coat huge components and brittle parts that can be tough to coat with great success. The metal parts are placed on the rack and immersed in the solution.

This process allows for a more uniform coating and even distribution because the rack can hold multiple different parts at the same time. This type of electroplating process is usually used in aluminum and zinc metal parts.

3. Continuous plating

This type of electroplating is used in coating tubes, wires, and strips by plating them in a solution. This process allows for an even distribution on the part used. Aluminum, zinc, tin or steel are some of the most common metal parts used for this.

Continuous Plating

What Are the Benefits and Uses of Electroplating?

1. Corrosion prevention

The metal layer applied to the metal part provides additional corrosion protection, making it less likely to undergo erosion. This can be used as protection for metals subjected to different atmospheric conditions.

2. Industrial use

The electroplating process has an important part in the automotive industry as it can help prevent corrosion to automobile parts, engine parts and it helps improve brittle metal parts become stronger and more durable.

3. Electrical conductivity

It helps improves the metal parts conductive properties by adding a thin layer of metal that have great conducting properties.

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