What is E-coating?

E-coating is a process between plating and painting. This process involves a metal part’s immersion in a water-based solution mixed with a paint emulsion. A specific amount of electric voltage is then applied to the metal part which causes the paint emulsion to become condensed onto it.

A metal product can be painted inside and outside as the liquid solution is able to reach the different surfaces of the metal. The applied voltage will be significantly proportionate to the coating thickness that will be applied on the metal.

E-coating Finish for Your Metal Parts
The e-coating finish helps build a coating on the metal part and they become insulators and the lower voltage areas will also build up and this process can help both interior and exterior part to become coated evenly.
The results of this process give a very sturdy finish and guaranteed adhesion on the product. E-coatings are available in a variety of colors but most usually prefer to use black because it can be quite expensive to use different colors unless the order volume is high.

E-coating and powder coating are similar to each other. Both finishes involve using the application of a coating to a metal product. There are a lot of advantages of using and choosing E-coating for your metal products, here are some of them:

  • Helps improve a metal’s protection against corrosion
  • Improves wear and tear resistance
  • Promotes adhesion to the metal product such as aluminum
  • Costs significantly less than an electroplating finish
  • The e-coating process does not alter the base metal it is applied or deposited to
  • Available in different colors and finishes
The e-coating process can be continued until the desired level of coating thickness is reached. This is a very delicate process as this is carried out by increasing or decreasing the voltage level of the electricity used during the process. The metal will be cured in an oven to promote cross-linking.
E-Coating Finish

Why Choose An E-Coating Finish?

The e-coating process is usually preferred for metal products that have areas that are usually hard to reach using conventional coating methods. This process makes use of the liquid’s ability to spread to hard-to-reach areas on the material and make a thorough distribution of the coating instead of just opting to use a spray gun to paint it.

An e-coating finish makes it easy to control the thickness level of a specific coating. Compared to a powder coating, it is easier to produce a thinner coat. This advantage is quite useful in the auto industry. E-coating is used as a primer coat before painting a metal part, this method helps improve the product’s corrosion protection.

The e-coating or Electrophoretic Painting Process for SEI CASTINGS are not done in-house, these types of finishes are done as sub-contracted products. Let us know if we can help you with your projects.

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