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Die casting is not an easy process and can be quite a complex process for those who are new to the subject. In this article, we will be discussing the frequently asked questions about die casting. Hopefully, this will help you understand the die casting process and the specifics involved in this.

Frequently Asked Questions About Die Casting

Frequently Asked questions About Die-Casting

What happens during the die casting process?

Die-casting is the process performed to manufacture metal parts that are customized and engineered by using molten metal that is injected under high pressure into molds. There are also known as dies, which are usually made from high-quality tool steel.

The dies can be created and designed to manufacture various shapes and designs with unique product features according to the client’s product specifications. Each product manufactured in this process will have a smooth and even surface, but can be customized to have different textured surfaces.

The die-casting process is usually chosen for metal products that requires cosmetic finishes. This process also adds durability to non-ferrous metals like zinc and aluminum. If you require standard or custom die-cast aluminum or zinc products, make sure to check out SEI Castings. We can help you with any die-cast projects that you have in mind.

The die casting process uses different die casting machines and can vary from the amount of pressure applied on the die. Die-casting machine sizes range from small to large, and will depend on the specific product requirements. Smaller castings or large castings can be done on different cast houses, but the process is still the same.

What are the different things to consider during the die-casting process?
  • Quantity
  • Type of Alloy
  • Type of Component
  • Type of Finish
  • Product Design
What are the different things to consider during the die-casting process?

The die-casting process can produce very high-quality surface finishes as the cast and different parts can be created and designed with unique properties. On the other hand, other casting methods like sand-casting will require new molds depending on each casting and gate of castings.

Gravity casting uses iron or steel molds, but it is slower and has lower precision compared to the die-casting process. Gravity casting uses gravity to fill the mold, this is also known as permanent mold casting in the USA and Canada.

SEI Castings can process or manufacture your die-cast projects with quantities ranging from thousands to hundreds of thousands. Please let us know how we can help you with your die-cast product needs.

We can customize your die-cast product orders with various designs and shapes with the help of our excellent design and engineering team who always works hard to achieve one of our main goals, which is to provide customer satisfaction to our beloved clients.

SEI Castings can process or manufacture

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