Everything You Need To Know About Microwaves and Radio Frequency

Microwave and RF products are commonly used because of its endogenous heating capabilities. The energy emitting from the electromagnetic field oscillating at a specific frequency is converted to thermal energy. This method does not transfer the thermal energy inside the product which normally happens using conventional heating methods that use heat conduction, convection, and irradiation.

The heating mechanisms that are used by microwave and radio frequencies have a lot of similarities and both are effective when used in different applications, but there are also differences from the two technologies. Usually, RF technology and products are preferred by some industry sectors and sometimes, are the only forms of technology applicable to some industrial processes. In this article, we will be discussing everything you need to know about Microwaves and Radio Frequency.

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Here Are Some of the Differences Between RF and Microwaves:

1. Penetration depth

Microwaves have a shorter wavelength and usually limited to applications of products that have smaller dimensions. Radio frequencies, on the other hand, have a longer wavelength and are capable of penetrating through materials or items that are dense and larger. RF is widely used on products or equipment with bigger dimensions.

2. Uniformity of heating

Energy transfer using a microwave source is a statistical phenomenon. Therefore, it is not precisely controlled and can result in uneven treatment and temperatures. The energy for radio frequency which is required for a specific application is normally delivered through an applicator that is created and measured according to the shape and size of the product. The product or item will be able to absorb the energy evenly and accurately.

3. Higher selectivity

Microwaves have higher frequencies and RFs have lower frequencies. The radio frequencies are more selective in heating products that have varying chemical, physical, and morphological properties, which makes it easy to control the thermal treatment of the different materials used in the process. This is useful in drying applications where RFs are preferred to be absorbed by water contained in a product, which makes the drying process faster and more efficient.

4. Operational flexibility and power adjustment

Radio frequency is easily made available to the product where the product absorbs the energy and it is adjusted accordingly. During the drying process using RF, the generator system will be self-adjusting, if there is a high content of moisture, there will more energy released and absorbed during the process.

When using microwaves during the heating or drying process, the energy is absorbed completely by a product. The energy must be adjusted continuously to determine the resulting thermal effect on the product, moreover, the product quantity must be submitted to the treatment must be known always.

Different applications in the industry will require either RF or microwave products

5. Energy efficiency

Microwave transmitters release energy efficiencies more than 80% while RF systems operate in the 60% range. RF equipment is usually preferred to save more energy which also affects the overall system utility costs.

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6. Power generators

Magnetrons are used to generate microwaves and can deliver power values up to 1 to 3 kW and sometimes more. It can be complicated and expensive to install more magnetrons just to supply the power needed by large industrial equipment. Radio frequency generators can deliver power values that range up to 100 hundred kilowatts, making it preferred to supply the energy needed in the industrial sector.

7. Investment and maintenance costs

Microwave ovens are commonly used in households in the United States. Industrial microwave ovens often use the CW Magnetron that is capable of providing up to 100 kilowatts of power to the oven. There are no RF ovens used for the process of tempering of the proteins because microwave technology is preferred because it is available at low operating and capital cost than RF technology.

Radio frequency equipment is highly competitive in cost compared to microwave equipment. Maintenance costs for RF equipment are more convenient because the components are normally replaced approximately after 15,000 working hours while 10s up to 100s of magnetrons will need replacement after approximately 5,000 working hours.

8. Safe operation and application

Microwaves have a shorter wavelength which makes them more aggressive and difficult to shield. Equipment and other solutions and proper care must be observed to operate it safely. Leakage detectors are commonly used with the generators to detect any leaks.

Radio frequencies have a longer wavelength which makes them less aggressive and easy to shield. Equipment and treatment tunnels will be easy to operate without immediate concern of safety.

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Different-applications in the industry will require either RF or microwave products

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